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and microsoft that used that technology. this technology helps ensure things like mobile phone antennas all work together. >>> the price tag for keeping the plant shut down climbed to $317 million. they spent $96 million on repairs and inspection and $221 to purchase replacement power. . >>> there is a hot line for residents of treasure island to call in response to concerns about a toxic clean up project. they set up the hot line after hearing complaints about uncovered work trucks driven on to the liland and there -- to the island. >>> for the second time in two days we are hearing from a shark attack survivor who says they were able to punch the shark away. he came face to face with a tiger shark last week. she says she made used of her tae kwon do and punched the shark twice. >> heard kind of like noise. people yelling, like hollywood, you know, you see the big jaws come at you. >> she needed 60-70 stitches for scratches. on tuesday a surfer survived a shark attack. >>> two tax measures that would benefit schools, prop 30 and 38. the governor says voters are facing a choice. approve the tax
and blue glow sticks and new technology to encourage those young voters. this 21-year-old foothill college student voted for the very first time. >> i guess when i was younger i was pretty apathetic about it but now that i'm old enough to do it i see why it's important to do it. >> reporter: he's part of a group of voters from 18 to 25 that usually don't turn out to vote. an energetic crowd was out trying to get the vote out. >> i was very excited about the whole day. >> reporter: and a little music for a voting block that tends to trend to vote for a certain party. compared to 74% of those 65 and older, younger voters are more trusting of the government and less interested in politics. at san jose state there were many empty seats. >> hey, what are you doing right now? >> reporter: those students stood outside trying to get others in. they also used this poster that links devices directly to election websites. >> it's to educate our students more and to tie them to technology. >> reporter: of the 1.4 million people who use the state's new online voter registration system about half of th
phase is going to be in oil, because they're going to apply the same technologies to natural gas. it's a win-win for everybody- > > give me a fracking break. the bottom line is- > > they didn't want to invest the time and the money, but they got the tax credits, so they said, "okay, let's keep doing it." > > round 3: what is the new normal for unemployment? will the rate ever drop below 6% again? > > i did a little research on ageism, because i wanted to talk to you, and what we're seeing is that the rates right now of participation have declined from 68 million down to 64 million in the last decade or so, mainly because people are retiring and leaving the workforce. so that is going to help out the unemployment numbers. but i know people are concerned, and right now we have seen 30 straight months of private-sector employment growth. > > i agree with alan but for a totally different reason. the bottom line is, when you get into a situation where unemployment is high- and people used to tell us in the '70s that 10% was the norm, that we'd never get- > > don't go there. now you're goi
individual classes with them each day. >> we do like -- skills. >> we are the people -- technology facilitated everything for us so much that we have lost common sense? >> sometimes, yes. >> this is buzz, look what happened to poor buzz. >> my car just goes out in the middle of nowhere. i didn't even know that could happen. and then, i'm not joking, no cell phone service. it was like a total dead zone out there. >> notice he broke down right next to a call box. watch what he goes through. >> if i would have been able to send a tweet. i would have had a herd of people there, a herd of followers leading me home. >> there's no cell phone service, so oh now, i'm lost. >> he tries to take a picture of his engine, to his mechanic friend. >> fortunately, after i didn't send a tweet or post an update for like six or seven minutes, my friends knew something was wrong. they went to the gps location of my last tweet and they found me. and they saved me. twitter saved my life. >> this is really -- a satirical piece on the fact that so many people, yeah, they are dependant on their cell phones.
used that we developed it's easy >> the company said it's developed technology for elections in france, great britain, india and australia. >>> maricopa made a costly printing mistake on election material telling spanish speaking voters the wrong date. about 2,000 shout date of the upcoming election at november 8th instead of the 6th. the county addressed the problem yesterday with state latino leaders. the department will spend 30,000 printing new flyers and buying ads on spanish language tv and radio stations telling voters of the mistake. >> and i feel very badly that it was made. we have to do something to solve that. we have a few days left. >> officials say printing the wrong date waa mistake, not on purpose and an investigation into how it happened is underway. >> eight billboards in the atlanta area that offer voters a chance to win a gun are raising eyebrows. they say anyone who shows up at a outdoor store with a voting sticker will be put in a raffle but officials say that's illegal. >> everybody needs to talk and learn and be informed. >> the gun store owner who put u
bloggers are talking about this because it showcases the s beam technology that you mentioned that is on the samsung galaxy. basically meaning you touch your phones together and you can share content videos, music, pictur pictures, whatever. >> like it. >> i think you can see why people are talking about this big time because -- >> we're led to believe it's a sexy naughty video and she's a beautiful blonde woman, a cute mom. >> yes. >> all the husbands thinking i've got to get a samsung galaxy so my wife can make me naughty videos for the trip. >> if the daughters only knew what mom was sending dad. >> just your ordinary, everyday stop over for gas in midair. until -- >> what the heck just happened? >> see how it nearly goes terribly wrong, next. >> and november means growing a mustache, and this guy is showing us how. >> smell wood. >> our guys are in. see why, o >>> it's time for our monday edition of the best of rtm where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> ed bass master is back with his prank he pulls on people except this time he brought along
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at the time. the biggest lesson, is that you are naked. in today's world of technology, immediate fast access information it just makes no sense the -- makes no sense in the world to lie because the world is transparent. >> point officials say they are conducting an -- port officials say they are conducting an investigation into this. >> let's check in with sal. >>> a lot of people have been joined by people who normally would not be driving or getting around the bay area today. really it's had an impact on everything. let's go to the bridges first. you will see slow traffic. looking pretty slow. whether a 40-minute delay. a lot of slow traffic coming in from the richmond san rafael bridge. let's talk about the east shore freeway, it's been slow and head steady all the way into richmond and berkeley. marin county really is very, very slow. much slower than usual. much deeper than usual. many of these spots getting into san francisco. northbound 101 is backed up to candlestick park to the downtown area. just a lot of people driving is not recommended. if you are to drive just know you are deal
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8